Active shooter reported at Denver school

Active shooter reported at Denver school

Shocking news just in, as an active shooter has been reported at a school in Denver, Colorado.

Shots were first fired at STEM School Highlands Ranch on Tuesday afternoon at 1.53pm.

Credit: Fox News

Police have reported that at least two people have been injured and a suspect is still feared to be on the loose. Two people are also in custody.

"Right now they're clearing the school, room to room.

"Two suspects are in custody and there is tentatively a third suspect," a police spokeswoman said.

Witnesses at the scene suggest that one potential victim was seen being carried out by a cop on their shoulder. Another was seen being taken out on a stretcher.

Kelley Paulson, mother of two students at the school, spoke to Denver7 about what she knows about the shooting:

"I got a text from a friend who was actually in there," she said. "She said 'guns, shooting, oh my god, oh my god.' And she could hear them and that's how I first knew. The next thing I know, I heard my son, who is calling me because all of the kids who were in middle school...all immediately ran out of the building."

Police have also not yet revealed whether the attackers in this case are students of the school or not.

More information as we get it.