Alec Baldwin says beating Trump would be 'so easy' if he ran for President

Alec Baldwin says beating Trump would be 'so easy' if he ran for President

It's fair to say that Alec Baldwin and President Donald Trump aren't exactly on close terms. Baldwin's views mean that he's often at odds with the Republican leader, and choosing to portray him in a series of sketches on Saturday Night Live certainly didn't help matters.

To be fair to him, his impressions of Trump have been pretty spot-on; but now it seems that Baldwin wants to take his mimicry even further - by actually stepping up to the plate and running for president himself.

In a recent Twitter post, the former 30 Rock actor wrote: "If I ran for President, would you vote for me? I won’t ask you for any $. And I promise I will win. Beating Trump would be so easy. So easy. So easy."

Then, when a number of his followers retweeted Baldwin's comments, he chimed in with a follow-up tweet, writing: "These tweets save me millions in polling."

Here's Baldwin impersonating the President:

Suffice to say, opinions on Baldwin's presidential bid were pretty divided, with some people supportive of the idea, while others thought it was simply ridiculous.

For example, one person with the handle @AdamRAlb wrote: "People who are good at things, like professional athletes, musicians, etc., make things look 'so easy.' In reality, they are just 'that good.' Seems similar to how you view politics. If you actually run, you might experience a different reality: Beating Trump isn't 'so easy.'"

Meanwhile, someone else going by the name @vhl123 wrote: "It would be epic if you ran in your complete SNL trump getup, and every campaign appearance duplicated whatever trump had just said ... that would be hilarious, in a childish, hysterical sort of way. But no, I probably would not vote for you."

Trump has voiced his disdain over Baldwin lampooning him in the past, and in February 2019 he wrote on Twitter: "Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion."

Baldwin meanwhile replied: "I wonder if a sitting President exhorting his followers that my role in a TV comedy qualifies me as an enemy of the people constitutes a threat to my safety and that of my family?"

In America, the worlds of showbiz and politics are never far apart, and it seems like Hollywood is exerting more and more of an influence on Capitol Hill.