Boohoo is under fire from customers yet again for their tiny 'plus size' models

Boohoo is under fire from customers yet again for their tiny 'plus size' models

Fashion retailer Boohoo has come under fire once again from customers who have accused the company of using smaller models to showcase its plus size range.

Social media users were livid last week as they took a look through the UK-based online shop's website to find that the plus size models, said by the website to be size 16 and over, looked much smaller than they expected them to.

The outrage appeared to stem from one Twitter user @kaelibryson's post, which went viral on May 10. Posting a picture of one of Boohoo's plus size models and writing "Breaks ma wee heart that this lassie is considered 'plus size'", Kaeli gained over 16,300 likes, 3,340 retweets.

But it seemed she wasn't the only one who was vexed about the company's models. Soon enough, there were hundreds of similar posts across the social media site, with a seemingly endless number of users keen to express their disgust at Boohoo's plus size range.

Twitter user @hdlockwood wrote: "This is a prime example of what’s wrong with society. I normally love boohoo, but HOW is a figure like hers (which I’m guessing is probably a size 10/12) a plus size?! Her figure is stunning and HEALTHY!!!! If she’s a plus size then stick me in the whale category".

User @tiamarialfc also vented her frustrations, putting: "If she's plus size then I'm quadruple size pass me a tent to wear", while @NicoleVasey named the situation "an absolute joke" and appealed for a petition to be made.

Sadly, this is not the first time Boohoo have been accused of poorly representing plus-sized women. Back in 2016 and 2017, came similar outrages from social media users who accused the company of the exact same thing.

Along with this came allegations that Boohoo was photoshopping models to make them thinner, as well as editing pictures of their thinner female models to make their bodies bigger so they could model the plus size clothing.

In spite of the repeated controversy, Boohoo customers certainly have something to be happy about; the launch of TOWIE star Gemma Collins' second Boohoo collection seems to have gone swimmingly, with the promotion material being praised for representing a woman who is truly plus size. Named GC x Boohoo, the collection stocks sizes 16-24.

Boohoo has been contacted by VT for comment, but had not yet replied at the time this article was published.