Caitlyn Jenner makes dramatic u-turn and claims Trump has set transgender movement back 20 years

Caitlyn Jenner makes dramatic u-turn and claims Trump has set transgender movement back 20 years

During his run for president, Caitlyn Jenner was an outspoken advocate for Donald Trump. Despite warnings that the soon-to-be president was dangerously misogynistic and reportedly anti-LGBTQ, Jenner - who is a transwoman - stood by him, and even went so far as to unofficially endorse him in some interviews.

"Everybody looks at the Democrats as being better with these issues. But Trump seems to be very much for women," she said in an interview two years ago. "He seems very much behind the LGBT community ... he backed the LGBT community."

However, her support for the president began to slip when he announced that transgender people would no longer be permitted to serve in the military (something that never went ahead, as it turned out, because Trump had made the claim without consulting any officials on the matter), and, after his administration revoked the trans bathroom bill, she publicly called him out.

Now, she's put him on blast for being the "worst ever" president when it comes to LGBTQ rights.

"As far as trans issues, this administration has been the worst ever," the former Athlete said in an interview with Newsweek. "They’ve set our community back 20 years, easily. It’s going to be hard to change, but we’ve been through these types of things before and we’ll continue to fight it."

Jenner then went on to say that Trump has to "do a better job when it comes to equality."

"We’re all Americans," she said. "I think of it this way: We have diversity in mankind, humankind. We have diversity all over the place, diversity in the way people look, diversity in religion, diversity in skin color. Wouldn’t it be a dull world if everybody was the same?"

And yet, she still maintains her allegiance to the Republican party - many prominent members of which are staunchly homophobic and transphobic.

When asked if she ever confronted Trump face-to-face over the trans bathroom bill issue, she said: "I did come back to the inauguration to meet people. And out of that I have built some very nice and good relationships with the Republican Party, but I have not been back to see Trump."

Understandably, this angered a lot of people on Twitter.

In just the first year of his presidency, Trump certainly made a lot of anti-LGBTQ - and, in particular, anti-trans - moves. As well as supporting the attempted military ban and reversal of the bathroom bill, Trump's administration has nominated anti-LGBTQ people to official positions, failed to recognize Pride Month, and has made it clear that they support queer discrimination in the workplace (meaning that a person can legally be fired for their sexuality or gender identity).

And who could forget the time Trump joked that Mike Pence wanted to murder LGBTQ people? Last year, during a discussion about LGBTQ rights, the president pointed to Pence and joked: "Don’t ask that guy—he wants to hang them all!"

To anybody - trans or otherwise - these things should have been a clear indication that Trump had no intention of assisting the LGBTQ community. And, while it's good that Jenner has finally seen the error of her ways (sort of), many people still consider her actions to be too little, too late.