Carl's Jr. will become the first major fast-food chain to debut a CBD-infused burger

Carl's Jr. will become the first major fast-food chain to debut a CBD-infused burger

Carl's Jr. has revealed plans to test a CBD burger on its menu.

Indeed, it's being reported that the fast food restaurant chain is releasing the special CBD-infused burger in just three days' time - which just so happens to be 4/20.

The test item, Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight, will be included on the menu for just that one day.

It will consist of two beef patties made with pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapenos, crisscut fries - oh and a dollop of Santa Fe Sauce infused with CBD.

If the burger proves a hit amongst customers, it will become a part of the burger chain's permanent menu, explains Patty Trevino, senior vice president of brand marketing for Carl's Jr.

"It is something that feels right for the brand," she told CNN Business. "We are all about innovation."

It's also chasing "future Carl's Jr. customers that are younger," Trevino added. "They are more open to different flavours of products."

Trevino also spoke to CNN about the idea behind the item and how it was conceived.

"I was sitting down with our head chef Owen Klein, and we were talking about trends," she said. "After the Beyond Meat launch, they came up with a wish list that included a CBD product. We looked at ourselves and said, you know what, let's try."

Of course, it's important to note CBD - an abbreviation for Cannabidiol - is non-psychoactive, meaning it's not actually the ingredient in cannabis responsible for getting users high - that's THC.

Some studies have suggested relative functional benefits of CBD products, though Carl's Jr. is not promoting any such benefits of CBD, Trevino said.

The chain is collaborating with Colorado-based Bluebird Botanicals - a company that sells CBD oil and capsules - on the product.