CCTV footage show furious boyfriend punching stranger in the face for checking out his girlfriend's butt

CCTV footage show furious boyfriend punching stranger in the face for checking out his girlfriend's butt

As I’m sure a lot of women are aware, there are some guys out there in the world who just can’t help themselves when it comes to checking out a particularly attractive person. Well, that’s sort of a lie; they can help themselves, they just choose not to.

But why is that? Why don’t they just shut their mouths instead of catcalling strangers they see on the street, or avert their eyes if they catch themselves oggling someone’s body? Most of the time, it seems to be because they don’t think anyone is going to do anything about their behaviour.

Every now and then, however, somebody does do something - and it’s always incredibly satisfying to witness.

CCTV footage recorded last week at a cellphone store in Lincolnton, North Carolina, shows a couple talking to the store clerk at the back of the shop. As they talk, a third customer - a man in red - can be seen loitering behind the pair. At first glance, it appears that he is just checking out some of the products in the display cabinet he's leaning on. However, upon closer inspection, it soon becomes apparent that he's actually got his eye on a very different sort of "asset".

And he isn't exactly being subtle about it:

Unfortunately for the guy in red, the woman's boyfriend catches him staring, and he ain't happy about it.

To begin with, the sleazebag in red doesn't do anything to hide what he's doing, and even appears to challenge the boyfriend by saying, "Yeah?"

He gets a little closer, too, almost as if he's trying to assert his dominance.

Big mistake.

The boyfriend decides that this is a step too far for his liking, and so he decides to teach the creeper a swift and painful lesson.

The guy hits the sleazebag so hard that his hat flies off his head and onto the floor - presumably landing somewhere near his dignity.

The creeper is completely taken aback by the left hook and instantly backs up saying, "What's your problem, bro?" He then picks up his cap and walks out of the door, leaving the other guy to casually resume his conversation with his girlfriend.

The girlfriend wasn't all too pleased about her fella's display of violent chivalry, however, and orders him to go outside in order to apologise. Begrudgingly, he obeys, and the clip ends with him returning to the store after spending a second or two saying sorry.

Here's the video:

While it definitely wasn't alright for the man to punch the other guy square in the jaw, however, it also wasn't cool for the red-capped creeper to have been oggling the woman in the first place. Neither of these men should have done what they did, but hopefully now they both realise that there are consequences to their actions.