College student shares footage after claiming cops broke down his door without a warrant

College student shares footage after claiming cops broke down his door without a warrant

Carrying firearms and the weight of the law behind them, it makes sense that the police be held accountable for their actions, and operate in a safe and responsible manner. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, as we have seen many acts of brutality, profiling, and other injustices committed by officers - including a recent incident in Topeka, Kansas.

David Reynolds, a 25-year-old college student, was faced with two policemen armed with AR-15 semi-automatic rifles in his own home, despite doing nothing wrong.

He was home in between classes when the cops knocked on his door - and when he saw they had no warrant and refused to allow them to enter, they broke down his door.

The officers were reportedly responding to a call about a "hispanic male with an AK-47," after receiving a domestic violence call. In a Facebook post documenting what happened, Reynolds wrote:

"So i come home in between class, to wash my dog, and all of a sudden i hear loud banging on my door, i ask who it is, and get no answer, so i open my door, and there are two Topeka Police Department officers with AR-15 DRAWN and AIMED at me, tell me to come outside, to which i answered “fuck no” because 1. i have done NOTHING WRONG, and 2. im in my underwear because washing my dog gets messy.

"So i slam my door. they then BREAK IT DOWN. tell me to get on the ground, put me in hand cuffs and drag me to my living room. then tell me that they got a call about a “hispanic male with an AK-47” (which by the way is NOT illegal to own if you’re not a felon so even if i did have one, which i dont, its not ilegal to own one, and they didnt know i was a felon until i told them.)

“They came to my door, busted my door down and put me in handcuffs with no warrant," he says in the video. "Had this gone any differently, I’d be dead in my own apartment for doing nothing wrong."

You can see part of the incident in the video below:

In the Facebook post, Reynolds went on to insist that not only had he done nothing wrong, but that he was almost killed without the officers having any evidence other than the call they received.

Reynolds is understandably angry and panicked, given how badly similar incidents have gone in the past. Botham Shem Jean was killed in his own apartment earlier this month, after an off-duty police officer reportedly entered the apartment believing it was her own. She was later charged with manslaughter.

The Topeka police stated that they do not require a search warrant in a case where they believe someone is in danger. It was Reynolds' argument that for no warrant to be needed, they required a "full description," rather than a vague description of a "hispanic male".

They reportedly searched his home and found nothing, and notified the apartment manager to fix the door.