Cyclist who was fired from her job for flipping off Trump motorcade is now running for public office

Cyclist who was fired from her job for flipping off Trump motorcade is now running for public office

In October last year, Juli Briskman, a 51-year-old former marketing executive from Virginia, made headlines around the world when she flipped the bird at Donald Trump's motorcade as she rode past on her bicycle.

"He was passing by and my blood just started to boil," she explained at the time. "I’m thinking, DACA recipients are getting kicked out. He pulled ads for open enrollment in Obamacare. Only one-third of Puerto Rico has power. I’m thinking, he’s at the damn golf course again."

So, she did something about it. "I flipped off the motorcade a number of times," Briskman said.

The mother-of-two did not realise that someone had taken a picture of her at the time of the incident, and was stunned to find that the image very quickly made its way to her employer. As a result, she lost her job.

However, Briskman did not react badly to the picture going viral. In fact, it seems to have spurred her on to fight even harder for what she believed in.

"In some ways, I’m doing better than ever," she said. "I’m angry about where our country is right now. I am appalled. This was an opportunity for me to say something."

And it's now become clear that Briskman is more than willing to put her money where her mouth is with political issues, as she is now running for local office in Virginia - as a Democrat, of course.

"Today, I am filing my organizational papers in a bid for local office in Loudoun County, Va. Loudoun deserves transparency in government, fully funded schools & smarter solutions to growth. It's time for a change," she announced on Twitter. "I am running to serve as Supervisor for the Algonkian District where I have worked, volunteered, organized and raised my kids in public schools. I have launched my campaign on @Crowdpac because... if not now, when? Let's Do this!"

The former marketing executive said that she had never even considered a career in politics until she was fired from her job last year for simply exercising her first amendment rights. That, for her, was a sign that democracy is being infringed on, and that everyone should be able to make their opinions known about the current government.

"We have a right to peacefully protest and criticize and express dissent toward our government," she told the Washington Post this week. "I’ve gotten some feedback that folks say you should respect the president. Even if you don’t like what they’re doing, you shouldn’t show this sort of disdain. And I simply disagree, and I think the Constitution grants me that privilege."

On her campaign page, she said:

"Those who know me, know that I am not one to sit idle. Whether it’s standing up for a cause, such as our First Amendment rights to peacefully protest the policies of the Trump administration, or working to ensure our children and teachers are given every opportunity to succeed, I do not back down when I see something is not right."

Briskman will be challenging Suzanne M. Volpe, a Republican who represents the Algonkian District on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. She has currently raised more than $3,000 in support for her campaign, and hopes to attain $150,000 ahead of the election in 2019.