Dad body slams son’s opponent in high school wrestling match

Dad body slams son’s opponent in high school wrestling match

It's a fact that, when parents are spectating at a sports game, they can sometimes get too into it. We've all seen a mom or dad screaming at the top of their lungs as if their kid was playing at the World Series or the Super-Bowl, instead of the Little League or a high school game.

But this week, one dad with a short temper has been caught on camera taking things way too far: by actually jumping out of the audience and assaulting his son's opponent during a recent wrestling match.

Take a look at the footage of the incident here:

According to a recent report by Fox 8, the incident in question occurred at AL Brown High School in Kannapolis last week. A student from Hickory Ridge high school in the state of North Carolina was wrestling a teenager from AL Brown, when he decided to try and get away with making an illegal move.

However, although the foul was noted by the referee, this didn't stop his opponent's outraged father, a man named Barry Lee Jones, from rushing forward and tackling him to the ground. The audience was shocked by the violence, and Jones had to be subdued and placed in a chokehold by another spectator.

Commenting on the incident, Superintendent of Schools for Guilford County Sharon Contreras told Fox 8: "It’s very unfortunate, and it just shows a society that I feel sometimes we’re just losing all decorum. I want to say that the parents from that high school wrote us a lovely letter saying they were equally appalled."

Meanwhile, in an official press statement regarding the assault, a spokesperson for Cabarrus County Schools claimed: "Our school system has expectations for student decorum and sportsmanship during extra-curricular and athletic events."

They added: "Our expectations for spectators are no different. The actions displayed by a spectator at the wrestling match on January 18, 2020, fall far below our expectations. We do not condone his actions."

Jones himself was processed at the Cabarrus County Jail and received a $1,000 secured bond.