Dad sentenced after daughter wins "jealous competition" with half-sister to marry him

Dad sentenced after daughter wins "jealous competition" with half-sister to marry him

A Nebraska man has been sentenced after he was discovered to have married and had sex with his biological daughter, Omaha World-Herald reports.

According to the newspaper, the relationship was the result of a "jealous competition" between half-siblings for the man's affection.

Samantha Kershner, 21, met her father, Travis Fieldgrove, pictured below, for the first time after informing her mother that she wanted to get to know her biological dad. The pair then reportedly had a normal father-daughter relationship for three years.

Travis Fieldgrove. Credit: Hall County Department of Corrections

However, in September of last year, police were informed that the pair had committed incest. While laws on incest vary from state to state, incestuous marriages are illegal everywhere in the US.

When questioned about their relationship last year, Kershner and Fieldgrove admitted that they were romantically and sexually involved with each other, the Omaha World-Herald reports.

The pair married on the first of October, the affidavit said.

A police statement about the case read:

"Evidence leading up to the arrest suggests that Fieldgrove and Kershner were aware of the biological relationship before being intimate, and further indicates that they quickly married one another after being notified of the investigation."

Kershner and Fieldgrove were arrested in January, the Grand Island Police Department reports.

Samantha Kershner. Credit: Hall County Department of Corrections

A DNA test was conducted between the pair which showed a 99.999 percent match.

In a court affidavit obtained by the Omaha World-Herald, Kershner said she had sex with her father because she was in "a jealous competition with her half-sister regarding who could have sex with [him]."

Fieldgrove was sentenced to two years behind bars under a plea agreement on Thursday, having already served 121 days. He will stay in prison for a further 144 days before being placed on supervision for a year.

He has also been banned from having contact with his daughter.

Kershner was also reprimanded for her actions, having also taken a plea deal with reduced her incest charge to misdemeanor false reporting. She will be sentenced this month.

Samantha Kershner and Travis Fieldgrove. Credit: Facebook

KHGI-TV reports that Fieldgrove suffers from a brain injury, and his defense attorney Jeff Loeffler said Fieldgrove was "very embarrassed" and wished "it never happened".

"He's certainly not a high-functioning guy," he said.