Daycare workers charged after dangling five-year-old girl upside down

Daycare workers charged after dangling five-year-old girl upside down

An employee at a daycare worker in Ohio has been charged with child endangerment after a five-year-old girl was assaulted and held upside down by her legs.

A disturbing image of the incident was shared on social by the Columbus Police Department following the arrests of Joshua Tennant and Emma Dietrich, two employees who worked at the Worthington Learning Center in Columbus in Ohio.

As a form of ''discipline'', the two adults allegedly did nothing to protect the toddler - whose identity has not been revealed - from tormenting bullies. When the frightened little girl tried to escape her peers, Tennant picked her up and carried her back to them.

In a recent statement made on Facebook, a spokesperson representing the Columbus Police Department wrote: "In the video the older students are grabbing, pulling, dragging, swinging, and just 'bullying' the victim, she appears frightened and keeps her eyes closed or covered and attempts to curl up into a fetal position."

They continued: "At one point the victim attempts to get away from the other students & they continue to 'bully' her by grabbing her & holding her down. During the video Dietrich & Tennant continually sit in their chairs at a table and watch the 'bullying' actions of the other students against the victim and do not attempt to stop or stop the 'bullying' actions of the students. [sic]"

They added: "At one point in the video Tennant picks the victim up by her right ankle (eventually he grabs her left leg) and carries her upside down and places her back on the rug. The Worthington Learning Center has been cooperative through this investigation."