Denver City Council votes to end 30-year ban on owning a pit bull

Denver City Council votes to end 30-year ban on owning a pit bull

For 30 years, it has been illegal to own a pit bull dog in the city of Denver, Colorado. However, this could be set to change after the city council voted to remove the ban.

On Monday, Denver City Council passed a new code in a 7-4 vote that allowed owners to register their pit bull with the Denver Animal Protection (DAP), and get a breed-restricted license.

According to the new code, as reported by CNN, owners will have to provide a name and address for the canine, proof of microchipping, vaccination, neutering or spaying, and two emergency contacts.

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Not only this, but an annual fee will be required to maintain the license, per a tweet from Denver City Council.

"This change to the code allowing pit bulls to be licensed passed council on a 7-4 vote. The new law will take effect in 90 days," a follow-up tweet stated. 

"A one-hour courtesy public hearing has started for an amendment to the Denver Revised Municipal Code requiring a provisional breed-restricted license for owners of pit bulls. Pit bulls are currently prohibited in #Denver. #PitBulls #NoPitBulls," the original tweet reads. 

Other conditions of the law include notifying Denver Animal Protection if the dog escapes, bites someone, or passes away. The number of pit bulls in one home has also been limited to two.

However, if no violations of the code occur within three years, owners of registered canines can remove the requirement for a breed-restricted license, and re-license their pit bull under the same requirements as other breeds in the city.

The previous law, which was enforced in 1989, banned pit bulls from Colorado's capital city. Despite this new law, the breed remains prohibited in the nearby cities of Aurora, Commerce City, Lone Tree, Fort Lupton, and Louisville.