Dramatic CCTV footage shows the moment two heroes shield women and children from gas station gunfire

Dramatic CCTV footage shows the moment two heroes shield women and children from gas station gunfire

CCTV footage from a gas station in New Mexico in June has recently been released, showing the heroic instincts of two men after gunshots were fired. Two videos of the incident were shared to the Española Police Department, showing one man covering his friend, using his body to protect her from the gunfire, while another man does the same with a young child and others.

On their Facebook page, the EPD identified the man saving the woman as an off-duty firefighter from the area. "Off-duty Española firefighter, Enrico Trujillo, reacts to gunfire by shrouding a customer with his body," they wrote. "His immediate reaction was to protect. Great job Firefighter Trujillo!"

For the second hero in the video, they wrote:

"Watch as this unidentified man takes two children in his arms and shields them with his body as shots were fired in their direction. As he went to the ground, he also positioned his body over a woman who was already laying down. Without hesitation, this man protected three lives. Thank you sir for your bravery."

This is the footage of Trujillo shielding the woman:

And here's another angle of the footage, showing the other heroic act in the gas station:

“I didn't have time to react or think about anything else, I saw two people fighting and by then a crowd started to form outside,” the firefighter told local TV station KRQE. “I saw a kid walking from the back of a vehicle and he loaded a gun. We heard gunshots go off."

"She ran back in the store in front of me and my first instinct was just to cover her. At work we are always watching out for one another and one of our main duties is to preserve life and property. So I take that seriously.”

The two videos have amassed over 40,000 combined views on the police department's Facebook page in just a few days. Officers in Española have reportedly arrested two men in connection with the shooting. There were no injuries reported on the scene.