Dramatic footage shows brave deli worker take gun from man trying to rob a store

Dramatic footage shows brave deli worker take gun from man trying to rob a store

It's impossible to tell how we'd react when it comes to a life-threatening situation, especially if you've never been in one before. Me? I have a pretty easy life, all things considered. I never have to stare death in the face or fight to survive in hostile conditions, and I haven't even been in a fight since I was seven-years-old. The most violent activity I'm confronted with in my day-to-day life is probably stapling, so I'm pretty confident that I'll never know whether I'd be a hero or a wimp when threatened with risk to life or limb.

However, this week a video has emerged of an ordinary deli worker from New York City, who can be seen performing moves that wouldn't be out of place in a Jason Bourne movie. Seriously, this guy knows his close quarter combat ... either that, or he just has balls of steel. It's hard enough having to defend yourself from some stacked dude with biceps the size of footballs and knuckles harder than diamond, but to fight off a robber armed with a loaded handgun is on a whole other level. Check the amazing scene out in the video below.

The video in question allegedly stems from the Habibi Deli on East 187th Street in Belmont, New York, and shows a seemingly young man entering the store and approach the till, where the yellow-shirt-wearing clerk was serving. On Monday, September 17, the man placed a food order before suddenly rushing behind the counter, brandishing a pistol and demanding that the unfortunate clerk empty the till and give him cash.

Things looked tense when the clerk hesitated, and then the robber violently struck him, pistol-whipping him over the head several times with the butt of his gun, before attempting to shove him down. However, just when things looked hopeless, the clerk whipped around and grabbed his assailant, pushing the barrel of the gun away from his body and attempting to put the felon in a headlock. The astonishing video shows that the gun was pointed at the clerk's head for a moment before he gained the upper hand.

The clerk managed to wrestle the firearm off his attacker, but the suspect then managed to wriggle free and escape the scene of the crime on foot. Witnesses who saw the fracas did not attempt to help the clerk, but one person managed to dial 911, and the police arrived soon after. The clerk meanwhile was treated for contusions and bruising to his face and head, and sent home after his ordeal. Seriously man: what a brave guy that clerk is! He must be absolutely without fear.

Pretty scary huh? It's terrifying to think that a violent attack like this could happen to anyone. Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).