Everyone thinks Drake just confirmed he does have a son in lyrics to new song

Everyone thinks Drake just confirmed he does have a son in lyrics to new song

The feud between Drake and Pusha T has been going for what seems like forever now, but there is no shadow of a doubt that there was one memorable moment that will never be forgotten.

Back at the end of May, Drake released the ultimate diss track. Named Duppy Freestyle, the lyrics completely and utterly roasted his nemesis, stating "you not even top 5 as far as your label talent goes".

But American rapper Pusha wasn't having any of it and soon came back with a new song of his own called The Story of Adidon. This time, he wasn't holding back any punches and took what was the biggest swing so far, alleging that Drake had a baby named Adonis that no one knew about.

In a later interview, he expanded on his shocking claims, telling Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club that Drake also had a new Addidas line coming out called Adidon which was "named after Adonis".

Slamming the Canadian musician for selling his child out, Pusha said: "We wouldn’t know about the child until you start selling sweatsuits and sneakers? We don’t know [if he’s a deadbeat dad]. We just know that we couldn’t know until he sold a sweatsuit ... Who rolls out their child with a sweatsuit? Like, get out of here. What are you doing?”

In addition, he also took issue with an old photoshoot of Drake in blackface, which he used as the cover art for The Story of Adidon, stating: “We talked about the writing or whatever, the ghostwriting allegations, alright cool we off that. Now you’re getting to the mimicking of the black culture, blackface. Okay, I’m not ready to excuse that. I’m not really ready to excuse you talking multi-millionaire songs with me and you tucking a baby. I’m not with all of that.”

When host Angela Yee asked Pusha if he’s sure Drake has a baby, to which the rapper responded, "We done tap-danced around the ghostwriting. We ain’t tap dancing around no kids. I ain’t letting that happen," adding he doesn’t “even hang with my friends who have child support issues."

A few blistering burns from Pusha there, right? But, rather than insignificant fighting talk, this time the Raid star's allegations held some weight and got fans thinking: was it true? Did Drake seriously have a secret love child?

Well now it looks like the answer to this question could be yes. Drake dropped his new 25-track album Scorpion today, and the highly-anticipated record seemed to finally confirm that he does indeed have a son.

On the fourth track named Emotionless, the 31-year-old raps "I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid." Seems like a pretty big clue that Pusha T wasn't lying, right?

He then followed it with the song 8 Out Of 10 which had the lines: "Kiss my son on the forehead, then kiss your ass goodbye," as well as "The only deadbeats is whatever beats I be rapping to".

Rumour has it that the baby mummy is 28-year-old French former adult film star Sophie Brussaux, who used to go by the name of Rosee Divine during her time in adult films. According to celebrity news site TMZ, Drake has "pulled out all the stops" to financially support his baby momma and be with Adonis.