Florida man shoots up a woman's home after she left a negative review for a diner

Florida man shoots up a woman's home after she left a negative review for a diner

A former member of the United States Army has been arrested after committing drive-by on the house of a disabled woman, after her family had left a negative review about a restaurant on Facebook. Monica Walley had left the review after the restaurant refused access to her disabled mother Diana Walley, resulting in a number of social media attacks on the restaurant.

Norman Auvil will face several charges after firing three times into the Walley household, although fortunately, nobody was injured in the attack.

On August 20, a woman by the name of Monica Walley took to Facebook to discuss a diner in Orlando, Florida, known as Daybreak Diner. There, Walley slammed workers at the restaurant for being "unnecessarily rude" to her disabled mother, who was denied access to the restaurant.

"Yesterday my mother was turned away at The DayBreak Diner and told she is not allowed to eat at their establishment. They had told her if she wanted to be served she could wait in her hot car and they would bring her the food. It was my mother's birthday and all she wanted was her favorite Greek omelette.

She arrived back at home in tears, utterly upset. She advised me that they were unnecessarily rude and had yelled at her. I am incredibly upset with how she was treated at this establishment. It should not matter if someone is disabled or autistic just as it should not matter about gender or race."

Monica says that when she called the restaurant to clarify the situation, the DayBreak Diner explained that the misunderstanding was down to "a liability issue", as she reportedly had trouble getting into the door and required additional assistance to get to her seat.

After this, Monica said in a police report that she then shared her post on social media, to see if other people had suffered similar fates at the diner.

"The social media campaign resulted in negative online reviews, negative social media posts and harassing and angry phone calls to the restaurant," the police report said.  "The restaurant's owner, Lizabeth Johnson, later stated she felt that day that her business was ruined as a result of the negative social media campaign."

The social media post upset Johnson and her son, Michael Johnson, who one day hoped to inherit the restaurant from his mom. Drinking with friends Jesse Martin and Norman Auvil, the three men decided to drive to Walley's home, after finding out her address online. There, the police affidavit states that Auvil fired three shots into the home.

Auvil, who was honorably discharged from the US Army, was taken into police custody Thursday, admitting he'd consumed six to eight beers before firing into the Walley household. He is facing charges of shooting into an occupied dwelling, shooting from a vehicle within 1,000 feet of a person, as well as abuse of a disabled adult.