Florida woman loses arm and foot after walking into plane propeller

Florida woman loses arm and foot after walking into plane propeller

A woman from Florida has been left horrifically maimed, walking into the propeller of a private plane at Key West International Airport.

The woman in question was 45-year-old Rebecca Lynn Gray. The plane’s propeller severed her arm and mangled one of her feet, all while her horrified husband Walter Gray, who was also the pilot, witnessed the brutal runway scene.

Check out this recent video of police surrounding a plane at JFK airport:

According to the Miami Herald, the disturbing incident occurred at approximately 8:45 pm on Saturday, October 12. The pilot tried to drive his rented single-propeller Cessna 172S along the Key West International Airport runway, and yet due to an unknown technical issue, the plane stalled on the tarmac.

Gray got out of the aircraft in order to ascertain whether the blocks beneath the plane's tires were keeping it stuck. His wife Rebecca followed shortly after, despite his insistence that she stay inside the plane. Gray exited the plane and came round the front of the vehicle before being hit by the still-spinning propeller.

As a result of this, the emergency services were immediately summoned, and Gray was rushed to the Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island. After this, she was flown in stable condition to the Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma Center in Miami. As of Sunday, her condition is currently unknown.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has released a statement on Twitter regarding the issue, and have also stated that the Florida Highway Patrol,  is leading the investigation into the grisly accident. They will also be investigating the Cessna 172S involved in the accident, in order to ascertain what the ultimate cause of the technical fault which led to the plane stalling was. Only time will tell what actually led to Gray suffering such grievous injuries.