Girl's 'frozen hair' shows just how cold it is in the Midwest right now

Girl's 'frozen hair' shows just how cold it is in the Midwest right now

As North America braces against a lethal chill, some Iowa natives have found a funnier side to the freezing cold. In the past weeks, a polar vortex has been wreaking havoc across the Midwest, delaying over 2,500 flights and halting the U.S. Postal Service. Pictures coming out of the snow-covered cities look more like Antarctica than the United States, with the temperature dropping so dramatically that even the American side of Niagra Falls froze over.

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Despite all of the chaos the freezing weather has been causing, some people have been finding ways to have some fun with it. Iowa native, Taylor Scallon, took to Twitter to share her own personal experience of the cold. In her video, which is captioned "Is Iowa really THAT cold?", Taylor can be seen standing outside, her wet hair frozen solid. Standing straight up, her new hairstyle looks like something ripped from the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. Needless to say, extreme weather conditions like these are dangerous, and it's always best to heed official advice before stepping outside in plummeting temperatures.

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The video has gone viral on Twitter, with over 43,000 likes and 12,600 retweets. Along with all of the likes and retweets, Taylor's video has also garnered a lot of amusing responses from other users. Some have compared her dramatic hairdo to that of a Trolls doll:

Others thought the new style resembled Cameron Diaz's titular character in the 1998 comedy There's Something About Mary:

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Taylor's giant hair also drew comparisons to The Incredibles villain, Syndrome:

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One user thought Taylor looked like Johnny Depp in his iconic role as Edward Scissorhands:

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It's nice to see that some people have been able to find the brighter side of the extreme weather and have some fun with it. But on a more serious note, please everyone wrap up warm and stay safe out there!