Grandma shoots her grandson for repeatedly putting his teacup on her furniture

Grandma shoots her grandson for repeatedly putting his teacup on her furniture

We all have our pet peeves. Whether you can't stand loud chewers, or have a problem with slow walkers, a big part of growing older is to be able to refrain from losing your cool when faced with someone who really knows how to grind your gears.

One grandmother who has yet to learn this lesson, however, is 75-year-old Helen Washington. Washington, who hails from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, reportedly shot her grandson after he repeatedly ignored her requests for him to remove his teacup from her furniture.

She is now purportedly facing second degree assault charges as a result.

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Police arrived at Washington's home in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota last Friday after receiving a distress call. They discovered that her grandson was in some discomfort in the front garden of the house.

The man had been shot in the leg, and claimed that his grandmother was the person who fired the shot.

After police searched Washington's house, they found that she owned a .38 calibre special revolver. They also discovered five rounds of ammunition, one of which had been spent.

This provided local law enforcement with all the evidence necessary to make the initial arrest.

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When police interviewed Washington's grandson - presumably after he'd received medical treatment - he alleged that his grandmother grew increasingly incensed when he kept resting his teacup on a piece of furniture.

The grandson - who cannot be named on account of being a minor - said that she poured out the tea, left the room, and then returned with a revolver.

Upon re-entering the room, Washington discovered that her grandson had poured himself a fresh cup of tea, and that he had placed it onto the same piece of furniture.

According to law enforcement, it was then that Washington drew the revolver and shot the youngster in the leg.

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The police complaint report details that when the victim's grandmother was being arrested, she inquired where the bullet had struck the man, and that she didn't think that she should have to go to jail.

The judge has purportedly ordered that Washington be evaluated to see if she is fit to go to trial.

If she is deemed competent, her next court appearance will be on the 18th of December.

She faces felony charges of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon.