Here are the 15 most ridiculous and hilarious memes from Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump's meeting

Here are the 15 most ridiculous and hilarious memes from Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump's meeting

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un's historic summit has been hailed as the "meeting of the century". After more than a year of trading insults, the two leaders finally met in Singapore on Tuesday for five hours of unprecedented talks that had almost every person across the world holding their breath. The meeting ended with promises that sanctions would be lifted once "nukes are no longer a factor", an unexpected announcement that declared the end to US-South Korea military drills, as well as declarations of a new friendship between the two countries.

That was all great - but you know what was even more important? The array of ridiculous memes that came from the summit, of course! Once news and pictures from the get-together hit social media, the good people of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter stepped up to the plate - and boy did they do a good job. Check out the hilarious memes right here...

What do you do when two men who've made threats to blow each other up meet? Prepare for the worst

Let's keep this summit nice and simple now

Once you have codenames, you know the bromance is real

Looking pretty boys

Kim Jong-un won't be happy with his role in this

This makes me feel very uncomfortable...

Problem solved?

Is Trump 2020 in America's future? The smug look on Trump's face sure seems to think so

The only meeting that really mattered

"We skipped killing each other in real life, let's do it online"

Big Mac anyone?

The new Frodo and Sam?

Finally, something they agree on

What an invitation

Ah, so that was their plan all along

Once again, well done to the people of social media for coming up with these absolute gems! You know who was equally as impressive at ripping into the two world leaders though? Jim Carrey. Check out his latest political painting here.