Hot dog vendor donates kidney to loyal customer - is now offering free hot dogs for life to new donors

Hot dog vendor donates kidney to loyal customer - is now offering free hot dogs for life to new donors

A hot dog vendor went above and beyond for a loyal customer-turned-friend after donating one of his kidneys. Now, he's offering free hot dogs for life for anybody willing to do the same.

For three years, Andrew "Skully" White had been serving hot dogs to loyal customer Tim Hiscock before finally learning his name in June of last year. Since then, the two have formed a close friendship.

However, as GlobalNews reports, Skully was then approached by Tim's wife, Cindy, who asked the vendor not to serve her husband anymore.

White opens up about his reasons for donating his kidney in the video below:

It turned out that Tim suffers from diabetes, and earlier this year, his kidneys started to approach total failure and his condition was worsening.

After learning of Tim's condition, Skully - the owner of Lully's Food Experience in Abbotsford, British Columbia - asked what it would take to help his friend, who had been needing a transplant since last December.

Skully told GlobalNews: "I knew you could live off of one, and I asked him, what's the criteria?"

White required a blood test to see if he was a match, and after it came back positive, he was committed to the transplant within days.

"If you've got two healthy kidneys - give one up! Save somebody," he said.

The operation was performed on December 15, with White later revealing: "The day after surgery I walked into his hospital room and no one else had seen him yet.

"He just looked at me, and he had a tear in his eye and he had this smile, and you could just tell that... the kidney took right away."

The following Saturday, Tim was able to join Skully at Lully's Food Experience, where the pair celebrated with some kidney-shaped cake with friends, family, and other loyal customers.

Tim, a contractor, has since revealed that the improvement to his overall health since the transplant has been overwhelming.

"I felt better almost instantly," he said. "It’s changed my life dramatically.

"It’s been a journey and we’ve still got a long way to go. But hopefully, this gets the awareness out there that you too can be a live donor."

And in an attempt to raise awareness about kidney donations, Skully is now offering free hot dogs for life to anybody who signs up to be a donor.

Per The Canadian Kidney Foundation, in 2018 it was estimated that there were over 3,400 people waiting for a new kidney, with wait times ranging from a few months to several years.

Writing on the Lully's Food Experience (where Skully has also shared many of his hospital antics with Tim), the vendor writes: "Who wants to join the 1 kidney club? Save a life. Free hotdogs for life. Wicked feeling. Try it at least once."

And in a follow-up post, White has revealed that he has already had three people take him up on the offer.

Now this is a customer loyalty program we can get behind!