Jessica Simpson is getting ridiculously mom-shamed after posting this photo of her son

Jessica Simpson is getting ridiculously mom-shamed after posting this photo of her son

It seems like just yesterday that Jessica Simpson was on Newlyweds, bickering about decorating with Nick and trying to figure out if what she was eating was chicken or tuna. But times have changed and 13 years after the show finished, the singer has now remarried and is the proud mother of two young children.

Nonetheless, just because Jessica is no longer starring on reality TV, this doesn't mean that every part of her life isn't under intense scrutiny. In fact, even away from reality TV, people love to give their two cents worth - even when it's unwelcome. This became clear when the These Boots Are Made For Walking songstress was massively mom-shamed on social media recently.

Posting a video on Instagram that showed her son backflipping in the pool with his father, Eric Johnson watching, Jessica captioned the footage "A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast#ACEKNUTE".

She soon came under fire from the "parent police" who claimed that 5-year-old Ace shouldn't be in the swimming pool, let alone flipping, due to his broken arm that was in a cast.

"I had no idea it's possible to swim with a broken arm! Probably not the best choice," Instagram user brandinegron wrote, while dollyjul joined in criticising Jessica's mothering, putting "Wow- no wonder the kid has a broken arm."

Instagram user _am_erica_ had a snipe too, commenting: "This doesn't seem very smart to me but then again I know the difference between chicken and tuna".

However, you don't want to mess with Jessica Simpson's fanbase - because they can and they will put you in your place. Immediately after she was mom-shamed for letting Ace go in the swimming pool, dozens of people stepped up to defend the singer.

"LOL at all the parent police ?? I’m sure the doctor was made aware they have a pool & will be swimming considering the kid has a WATERPROOF CAST ALREADY ON,” wrote one of her fans. “If the doctor said it wasn’t a good idea, I’m sure they would do what’s best for THEIR son."

They were joined by chellebuck1971 who insisted that people needed to "get off their pedestals" writing "These 2 adults are raising a couple of great well rounded kids. Can each of the people passing judgement say the same? Do what you feel is best for your kids Jessica- Those who want to judge someone else’s parenting need to get off their pedestals," and allthingssilver_ who made their feelings clear simply posting "I’m pretty sure the kid is ok. Hahahahaha".

There is no word from Jessica herself on the incident so far, but we can assume that she has bigger fish to fry, with her admitting that she was heartbroken when Ace initially broke his arm.

Uploading a picture of the five-year-old to Instagram a week ago, she wrote: "This kid is breaking more than hearts these days ?#FirstBrokenBone #ICriedMoreThanHeDid#ACEKNUTE"

Let's hope that little Ace feels better soon - although, judging by his backflip, we're going to say that he's more than okay - and he's got his wonderful mother to thank for it. Give it up keyboard warriors, mom-shaming is not a good look!