Lindsay Lohan just went off on her beach club employees for not wearing the same shoes and it's savage

Lindsay Lohan just went off on her beach club employees for not wearing the same shoes and it's savage

Lindsay Lohan is best known for her acting prowess, gracing our screens with her good-girl-turned-mean-girl Cady Heron and her cheeky rendition of twins separated at birth. However, recently the star has forgone the showbiz world to focus on Lohan Beach House, her VIP resort which currently has locations in Mykonos and Rhodes, Greece.

It sounds like a bit of a jump - from actress to resort owner - but Lindsay seems to have things down, running a tight ship, as seen by her recent comments on Instagram. Fans were left shocked last week when the Parent Trap star threatened to fire two Lohan Beach House staff members for their footwear. To make things even more shocking, instead of taking the potential dismissal into a private meeting, Lindsay played the whole thing out on social media.

It all started when the Lohan Beach House uploaded an image of two staff members to Instagram. Kitted out in cream silk dresses, the pair of ladies looked positively radiant, without a hair out of place. However, one problem with their appearance soon caught the eagle-eye of their boss.

Commenting on the picture, the Just My Luck star wrote: "Wear the same shoes please". She then followed it with another remark that read: "Or you're fired".

Immediately after she posted the two comments, fans began giggling. "@lindsaylohan hahahha love u," wrote Instagram user @robertferneynes. He was joined by @ann_littlestar who wrote "@lindsaylohan perfect boss!" and @alejandroisrrael who commented saying "@lindsaylohan ??  da boss". Their comments were understandable. After all, Lindsay was just joking... right?

Perhaps not. The actress' true intentions were potentially revealed after fellow Instagram user @ztanner8964 asked her directly, writing: "@lindsaylohan pls tell me you're not joking need this to be real". The Mean Girls actress herself replied directly, saying: "@ztanner8964 totally serious!"

Her response caused confusion, with some fans believing that she was furthering the joke, and others thinking that she was really threatening to fire her two staff members for not wearing the same shoes. Instagrammer @tiana_mariaro wasn't impressed, commenting saying "@lindsaylohan mannnnn, how tacky of you. Manage in your establishment and not on social media. You're trying to embarrass someone only to embarrass yourself."

@the_difficult_kind also thought Lindsay's management style was unacceptable, putting "@lindsaylohan you couldn’t have told them personally they needed different shoes? What a nasty undeserving piece of work you are, of course most of Hollywood knows that already," as well as @immyinbloom who wrote: "@lindsaylohan bloody hell ? what if some of your staff have different shaped feel and stuff so one might be perfectly comfortable and the other will go home with blisters, the only reason you’ll lose staff is because they can’t cope with how bad their feel hurt :(".

So, Lindsay stated she was "totally serious", but do you think she was actually being earnest, or cracking a joke that went down like a lead balloon? Either way, fans are not happy with her.