Luna proves that genius trolling runs in the family as she savages her dad John Legend in hilarious video

Luna proves that genius trolling runs in the family as she savages her dad John Legend in hilarious video

To us, John Legend is a singing god. Having won hearts around the world with his song All of Me, he soared to success on the international stage, scooping an impressive 10 Grammy Awards, and by this time, most of us see him as the epitome of cool. His daughter on the other hand? She just wants him to be quiet.

This was made hilariously clear when her mum Chrissy Teigen uploaded a video of the pair of them together recently. The footage in question sees John in the middle of doing his vocal warm-ups. Warbling away, his daughter walks into the room - and she is not impressed, to say the least.

In an attempt to get her dad to stop singing, Luna, aged two, screams "No! No! No!" before the video comes to its end. Captioned "#TWO" by Chrissy, the post picked up almost 30,000 likes from fans who enjoyed the amusing moment: after all, people pay hundreds of dollars to buy John Legend concert tickets, but Luna just wanted her dad to shut up.

Amazingly, it may actually be a case of like mother, like daughter. John's wife Chrissy has expressed her hate for his vocal warm-ups in the past, writing in June 2017 on Twitter: "I know he has a beautiful voice and I know I am "soooooo lucky" and blah blah but john's vocal warmups make me want to stab my brain. [sic]"

When one of the model's followers screenshot this tweet and posted it in the comment section of her recent Tweet, the cookbook author admitted that Luna's exasperation over her dad's singing was, in all likelihood, her fault, writing: "I created this monster".

Nonetheless, just because the two-year-old didn't fancy listening to her dad's vocal warm-ups, this doesn't mean that that doesn't enjoy the Ordinary People singer's voice sometimes. A video for Pampers Pure last month showed Luna giggling and smiling away at her dad's singing as he sang about his daughter's "stinky booty" while changing her nappy.

The La La Land star named Luna as his "biggest fan" in his caption for this video, writing: "Luna is my best audience and biggest fan, so obviously I had to write a song for when I'm on diaper duty. Sing it with me now... #StinkyBootyDuty#PampersPartner @pamperspure".

The stinky booty tune was made even more heartwarming when the story behind it was revealed by Chrissy. On Instagram, she revealed that her husband wrote the song especially for their daughter and had sang it to her everytime he changed her nappy. She wrote: "John's been singing this song to Luna since her very first diaper change in the hospital and he hasn't missed one opportunity since. I present to you, the underground hit of our household - the stinky booty song! #StinkyBootyDuty".

So, tell me something: can the Legend family be any more adorable? Actually, scratch that. Knowing them, they probably can.