Male model dubbed the 'beefcake bandit' given lengthy prison sentence after robbery spree

Male model dubbed the 'beefcake bandit' given lengthy prison sentence after robbery spree

It seems like being a model would be a pretty sweet job. Since you're physically attractive, you have no problem getting dates. For work, you just put on fancy clothes - or take off all your clothes - and cast a sexy glance at the camera. And if you book a gig for a runway show or ad agency, you can make some serious money.

However, romance cover model David Byers turned to a life of crime. In April 2017, he robbed two gas stations and three banks in New York and Connecticut. (I wonder if he "struck a pose" at the security cameras.) In total, Byers stole $14,753, which sounds like lot of money. But according to JobMonkey, models earn about $10,000 a day for an ad agency and about $20,000 per a runway show. So, maybe he should have tried to book one of those lucrative gigs, and skipped the crime spree.

During the burglaries, Byers wore a bandana over his beautiful face, and appeared to be brandishing a handgun in his very handsome hands. However, according the police reports, he never carried a real weapon. On at least one robbery, he used a toy gun that was painted black, to cover the orange "this is fake" tip. During the other occasions, he used a television remote. (Maybe nobody thought the gun wasn't real because his eyes were so dreamy.)

Most criminals don't look like a Hemsworth brother, so Byers was dubbed the "beefcake bandit." (And I assume the runner-up nickname was "thirst trap thug." Unfortunately, "hot felon" was taken.)

After committing the crime spree, Byers became involved in a cross-country chase with police. By stealing multiple vehicles, he was able to evade the cops for five days. However, on May 2, officers caught up with him in his hometown of San Diego, California. And for his mugshot photo, he was workin' it!

Well, now the 'beefcake bandit' is about to become the 'beefcake inmate.' Byers pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison. It's a lengthy sentence, but it could have been worse. He originally faced twenty years.

Judge Michael Shea said he was impressed with Byer's conduct at the detention facility, although his crimes were severe. "This is a very, very serious crime," said the judge during the hearing. "Make no mistake, the crime you committed caused lasting harm. These people are going to remember what you did for the rest of their lives. ... You hurt those people.  ... I know it’s a long sentence, and I take no pleasure from it ... I hope you do your best."

During the sentencing, Byers apologized for his behavior, and told the judge he struggles with impulses and urges he cannot control. According to a report from the Greenwich Times, a psychologist reviewed his case and suggested he had bipolar tendencies, as well as an addiction to alcohol. Previously Byers was arrested for a DUI and for stealing sports equipment in San Diego.

Well, hopefully when Byers is released he'll be a model model citizen. Although he'll never stop stealing our hearts.