Man arrested after elaborate marriage proposal is mistaken for shooting

Man arrested after elaborate marriage proposal is mistaken for shooting

A man who set off fireworks near a movie theater accidentally caused immense panic amongst moviegoers after the bangs were mistaken for gunshots, Fox News reports.

Nathan Sanders "lit off the fireworks while a friend was proposing marriage. There was no intent to cause panic to theatre patrons," police wrote on Facebook. "Obviously this was a very poor decision rather than an overt act."

Learn more about the panic in what turned out to be an innocent marriage proposal celebration below:

The 23-year-old had planned to set off the fireworks outside an indoor rock-climbing facility in Howell Township, New Jersey, in order to celebrate the marriage proposal his friend had been planning on Wednesday.

As a result of the confusion, the Xscape movie theater next door was evacuated, according to Howell Township police. Some of the moviegoers believed the 'gunshots' were coming from inside the theater. When officers responded to the emergency call, they saw no evidence that “there was an actual shooting.”

"We are currently on scene after reported shots were fired inside the theatre," the department wrote on Facebook at the time. "Patrons are being evacuated and being detained until we determine what is occurring. There are no victims at this time and no proof as of yet there was an actual shooting. Please avoid the area. Do not add to this complicated situation."

This guy was clearly unimpressed with his girlfriend's live TV proposal:

It was then revealed that the "manager confronted a male subject who lit fireworks outside the theatre. Officers have found the remnants of discharged fireworks."

No shots were fired and no injuries were reported. As a result of the incident, however, Sanders was charged with a fireworks infraction and disorderly conduct, according to court records. He was later released from custody.