Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress, and the memes are hilarious

Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress, and the memes are hilarious

Over the past few weeks, Facebook has been rocked with scandal. One, we learned the Trump-affiliated political consulting film Cambridge Analytica stole data from 87 million users, and used it to influence voters' decisions in the 2016 presidential election. Two, Facebook admitted it scans all of our conversations in the Messenger app. And three, have you noticed that sometimes when you talk about something, or mention something in an email, you suddenly see an ad for it on Facebook? That's so creepy.

Anyway, today Facebook CEO and World's Least Popular Robot Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the Senate judiciary and commerce committees. It was the first of two marathon sessions, in which he answered questions about his company's gross mishandling of data. Lawmakers grilled the executive about everything from the spread of "fake news" to the censorship of conservative media to the failure to prevent Russian interference in the presidential election.

Of course, this being Congress, the testimony was pretty slow and boring. Thankfully, an army of Twitter users were watching, and ready to roast the beleaguered CEO. Mostly, they make fun of his awkward, robotic demeanor. Here are the funniest memes:

Where no android has gone before

Or is it an alien in a disguise?

Might be failing the Voight-Kampff Test

Okay this is not a meme, just a funny fact

Of course there was a reference to The Social Network

It's an appropriate song

Possible opening scene for The Social Network 2?

Darn facial recognition software

I mean it's true

The Curb Your Enthusiasm music would be fitting here

"Because you had a bad day, you're taking one down..."

If you don't love him at his worst, you don't deserve him at his best

Even Getty Images is taking shots

Of course, people brought up MySpace, and Tom

They also made fun of the elderly Senators, who are not tech savvy

I don't know! Ask him!

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

That's the least of your worries

It is said that everyone in the Senate hates Ted Cruz. When he ran for President in 2016, a lot of people joked that he was the infamous Zodiac killer. At least, I think they were joking.

Well, despite the awkward robot vibe, many people praised Zuckerberg for his testimony. Cecelia Kang from The New York Times wrote that "he appeared well-coached. He answered questions directly and without defensiveness as he tried to reiterate the mission of the social network to better connect the world." It remains to be seen if Facebook will recover from the data harvesting scandal, but their CEO gets credit for answering some tough questions. Nice job, Data!

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