Married teacher pleads guilty to having 'sex with four of her students'

Married teacher pleads guilty to having 'sex with four of her students'

I don't really know what is going on, but for some reason, there seems to be an alarming amount of teachers engaging in sexual activity with their students. Whether it's the teacher who not only entered a sexual relationship with her student, but also bought him drugs, or the teacher who adopted a student only to engage in a sexual relationship and have his baby - it is certainly becoming a worrying trend.

Now, however, we have a teacher who had intercourse with not one, two, or three of her students, but four of them.

Jessie Goline, 26, who is also married, was accused of having sex with four of her students, including two of them in the same night. According to reports, Goline would seduce her students via text messages before taking them back to her apartment in order to have sex with them.

The teacher has pleaded guilty to the four incidents, with three of the students being enrolled at the school she taught at and another one being from East Poinsett County School District. One of the students is also reported as being underage.

On Tuesday, Goline was sentenced to 42 months' probation and will also register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to the charges. Goline claims that she thought all of the students were over the age of 18, but claims that she only learnt afterwards that one was "way younger than what he had told her."

It's reported that in one of the meetings, Goline drove home with a student from her class and then brought him back to the school for intercourse.

All of the relationships allegedly took place between January and April 2016, police said.

According to Arkansas Online, one of the students said that Goline had told him "how good he looked in class" and had proceeded to then send him photos of herself in her underwear. Another pupil alleges that Goline sent him a text message asking him to come to her house, and then they later engaged in sexual intercourse.

Goline was arrested back in September 2017 once the principle of the school she worked at learned of the allegations. She plead guilty to sexual indecency with a child and will face three and a half years of probation for her affairs.

While it's easy to spout the "I wish I had teachers like this!" line of argument when you see a story like this, the truth is, teachers like Goline have a call of duty that they need to perform and by engaging in activities of this nature, they are breaking that duty. Teachers are there to educate and protect children, not take advantage of them.

Hopefully, given the amount of publicity these incidents have been receiving over the past few months, teachers who are tempted to do something similar will think twice before they act.