Mass brawl breaks out between parents at kids' wrestling tournament

Mass brawl breaks out between parents at kids' wrestling tournament

A youth wrestling tournament in Kimberly, Wisconsin earlier this month quickly descended into chaos, but the violence had little to do with the young wrestlers who had taken to the mat. Instead, it was their parents that started the brawl, with several people grappling with each other as insults flew.

On February 3, Fox Valley Metro Police were called in to Kimberly High School following a report of a disturbance. According to a statement posted to the department's Facebook page, three women were issued municipal citations for their involvement that night:

"On Sunday, 02/03/2019 at approximately 2:30pm, officers with the Fox Valley Metro Police Department were dispatched to Kimberly High School, 1662 E. Kennedy Avenue in the Village of Kimberly for a past tense disturbance complaint.

"After conducting an initial investigation, it was determined that some parents who attended an athletic event were involved in a verbal and physical altercation.

"The tournament in which this incident occurred during is organized through a local youth wrestling club and has no affiliation with the Kimberly Area School District. The group was permitted to utilize school district facilities; however, it is not a school sponsored event or club."

Video footage of the incident, taken by another person in the stands, was first posted to Twitter, before the tweet was later removed. However, it was up long enough to be circulated online by various other users and outlets.

In the video, two different groups of parents and other adult supporters start to argue, reportedly about whether one of the children wrestling was allowed a "breather". According to a police report, which was shared by the Appleton Post Crescent, the two opposing families started insulting each other, leading to a fight before the match was even over.

Cassandra Hamill, 33, Nicole Volkman, 33, and Shannon Volkman, 39, were all reportedly cited for disorderly conduct, while the two Volkmans were also cited with battery. All three of them reportedly had a history of altercations at other youth wrestling tournaments.

They even managed to disturb the game, as their fight edged nearer to the mats in the high school gym. According to the New York Post, another youth wrestler watching the match from the stands was forced to rush out of the way, while the referee watched on from the mat.

The report cites that witnesses explained that the Volkmans insulted the other side, calling Hamill a "fat b**ch" and her son a "f***ing crybaby."

"These parents sure arent teaching their kids respect for others," one user commented on the Fox Valley Metro Police Department's statement, while another added: "Very sad! Shame on the parents! Who is wrestling, you or your child? Please get a life!"

The three women were escorted out of the building by security after the incident, and, around an hour later, the police arrived to pick them up. It is not known if any further charges are being sought.