Mom starved stepson and forced him to live him to sleep in a ‘Harry Potter’ room under the stairs

Mom starved stepson and forced him to live him to sleep in a ‘Harry Potter’ room under the stairs

Last week, a mother-of-seven received a sentence of 28 years behind bars for inflicting extreme torture on her five-year-old stepson.

Tammi Bleimeyer, a 37-year-old woman from Texas, was trialled last Friday more than four years since the abuse was discovered. Her stepson, Jordan Bleimeyer (now nine years of age), was reportedly close to death at the time he was rescued, and doctors reported that he weighed just 29 lbs, which is barely more than the average two-year-old.

As well as starving the boy, Bleimeyer forced him to wear a diaper and made him sleep in a tiny closet under the stairs. The "room" was not even fit for an animal, and had exposed nails and wiring in the walls and around the mattress that Jordan was made to sleep on.

Tammi Bleimeyer Credit: Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office

The horrific crime was first brought to light when one of Bleimeyer's own children, just 16 at the time, reported her to authorities. The teen reported that his stepbrother was being abused by his mother and 24-year-old stepfather (Jordan's father), Bradley Bleimeyer.

When Tammi Bleimeyer learned that her son had gone to the police, she took Jordan out of the house and refused to return when contacted by police. Fortunately, law enforcement were able to track her down using cell phone records, and found her at a nearby motel. She was six months pregnant at the time.

Jordan was rushed to hospital as soon as he was discovered, and was found to be severely malnourished and covered in cuts and bruises from his parents' abuse.

Both Tammi and Bradley Bleimeyer were arrested, with Bradley receiving a 15-year sentence in 2016.

Bradley Bleimeyer Credit: Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office

In court, it was revealed that Jordan had not even been allowed to eat dinner with his siblings. Instead, he was given just one slice of bread to eat per day, and it was taken away from him if he didn't eat it quickly enough. This left him so severely starved that he was compared to a holocaust victim.

It was also alleged that Jordan's father would drug him when other people would come round to visit, and Bleimeyer's 16-year-old son said that Jordan had been tasered and had his head slammed against the wall on at least one occasion.

malnourished boy Credit: Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office

It came as a bittersweet relief, then, when Bleimeyer was finally sent down last week following testimonies against her from her own children.

"It's no mystery why we're all here," one of her sons said in a prepared statement. "You made a big mistake, and ultimately have to face the consequences. I'm up here to ask a rhetorical question of how, how could you put your children through all that? The people who should be your pride and joy. You caused me feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, and emptiness. I can't say that I'll ever be the same emotionally because of this."

Jordan has since been reunited with his biological mother, and Bleimeyer's other children were taken into CPS care.