Naked statue of Donald Trump goes up for auction

Naked statue of Donald Trump goes up for auction

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the most divisive political figure of recent years. The billionaire businessman and former Apprentice star, who is only a year into his Presidency, has already managed to alienate several groups of people, including women, the LGBTQ community and vast swathes of South America.

It can't come as a surprise to many, however. Even before Trump decided to run in the 2016 Presidential election, his name was associated with scandal - involving everything from failed business ventures to sexual harassment allegations. The latter, of course, has followed him into the White House.

Just before American citizens were due to cast their votes, a now infamous recording emerged of Donald Trump making sex boasts. The video clip showed the 71-year-old bragging to television host Billy Bush about his attempts to sleep with a married woman. He is heard saying:

"I just start kissing them [...] It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p***y. You can do anything."

Since then, there has been scandal after scandal - the latest of which involves adult actress, Stormy Daniels, alleging that she had an affair with Trump shortly after his son Barron was born.

However, along with the endless controversies, there is one other thing that hasn't changed - and that is his opposition's willingness - nay, enthusiasm - to mock him. Certainly, in the run-up to the election, anarchist group INDECLINE exhibited nude statues of Donald Trump around various American cities. And now, the only sculpture that wasn't vandalised or destroyed is going under the hammer.

One of INDECLINE's nude Trump statues, titled The Emperor Has No Balls, is now up for auction.

The sculptures, which caused quite a stir back in 2016, feature the then-Presidential candidate with a bulging belly, stubby penis and lumpy form. The collective behind the installations explained that they wanted to humiliate the property maven, while also paying their dues to his despotic tendencies - as authoritarians have a penchant for erecting statues of themselves.

The statues were displayed in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Cleveland in the weeks before the Republican candidate was ushered into the White House.

The statues did not last long. In New York, the Parks Department tore it down while onlookers booed. The NYPD watched over the dismantling, with one officer telling news outlets that it was unattended property and needed to be removed.

"NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small," a Parks Department spokesperson later informed Gothamist.

The auction will take place on May 2nd in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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