New dark twist revealed in case where husband killed best friend to steal his wife

New dark twist revealed in case where husband killed best friend to steal his wife

The case of the death of Mike Williams is shaping up to be one of the strangest and most incredible crimes of the last 20 years.  Williams disappeared on December 16, 2000, during a fishing trip with his friend Brian Winchester at Lake Seminole. He was neve found, and five years later, his best friend Brian and his wife Denise married. They divorced, and Brain was arrested on charges of attempted kidnapping. However, in 2017, the details of a disturbing homicide began to unravel.

In 2017, Brian confessed that he had in fact murdered Mike, having been coerced by Denise; with whom he'd been having an affair. The three of them had been friends since high school, and Brian developed feelings for Denise while on double dates with her, Mike, and his wife, Kathy. They began sleeping together in 1997, and Denise allegedly convinced Brian to murder Mike so they could cash in on his $1.75 million life insurance policy.

After their breakup, Brian became paranoid that Denise would turn on him, breaking into her car and threatening her at gunpoint to keep quiet. Afterwards, Denise reported the armed kidnapping and Brian was sentenced to twenty years in prison. As part of a plea deal, Brian came clean about his and Denise's conspiracy, and she was arrested in May. Her lawyers have denied all charges, claiming that Brian acted alone.

However, new details have emerged which have added even new twists to the story. This week the court was shown that Kathy, Brian and Denise had apparently been engaged in a threesome together, and the jury was shown pictures of Denise and Kathy engaging in sexual acts with each other.  Brian Winchester testified that he took snaps after ending the affair with Denise to save his marriage, claiming that the pictures were taken after his friend's death.

Winchester went on to state: "One night, in particular, we started talking about sex a lot. I was friends with Denise in middle school and high school, but I never was attracted to her until that point. We just connected like nobody else. It snowballed really fast. Because of the way [Denise] was raised [and] because of her pride, she didn’t want to get a divorce, but she wanted to be together, which narrowed the option."

Describing the murder he added: "I started to yell and I didn’t know how to get out of that situation. I had my gun in the boat, and so I loaded my gun and I just made one or two circles around and I ended up circling closer towards him and he was in the water, and as I passed by I shot him."

However, Denise's attornies have denied all charges, claiming: "There is no tangible evidence or physical evidence tying Denise Williams to this crime. All you will have to go on is the word of the man who actually committed the murder."