News presenter wins hordes of fans with his attitude to the royal wedding

News presenter wins hordes of fans with his attitude to the royal wedding

A BBC News presenter has won himself legions of fans by reporting on the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with all the dry wit and sarcasm that you would expect from a Brit.

Simon McCoy, who is a regular presenter on the BBC News channel, has become known for his unenthusiastic reaction to royal news over the past few years. However, in the build-up to the royal wedding, he has taken this to a whole new level, declaring royal super fans "fruitcakes" and burying his head in his hands on multiple occasions.

In fact, his commentary has made people smile so much that fans have started a Kickstarter to fund his "post-Royal wedding bar tab".

McCoy's tweets are a perfect example of his enthusiasm for the wedding. A few days ago, he tweeted: "Three days to go. Should I go. Head says yes. Heart says no. #Wedding". Things did seem to pick up a little after he arrived in Windsor though, as he tweeted an image of his view of the castle, captioning it "home for the next two days #tentlife".

He then began interviewing excited individuals who had assembled in the city in advance of this weekend's nuptials. During one conversation with three women wearing homemade crowns, he politely apologised for calling them "fruitcakes", before adding "but I do sort of wonder... why?"

At another point, he struggled to hide his disbelief as an American woman who had arrived to camp out explained that she had brought her own portable toilet with her, with him eventually descending into a fit of laughter.

Social media users also praised McCoy for the punny sarcasm he was using to get him through the event:

Earlier in the week, McCoy humorously shifted the focus away from the royal wedding when handing over to the weather forecaster, saying: “The countdown is on… for the FA Cup Final, and Louise can tell us what it is going to be like?”

The long-serving presenter also happened to be on the air when the announcement for the Duchess of Cambridge's due date for Prince Louis was released by Kensington Palace. McCoy revealed the news with a somewhat unimpressed: "Bearing in mind they announced that she was pregnant back in September, and it was thought that she was around two or three months pregnant, I'm not sure how much news this really is. But anyway it's April, so clear your diaries, get the time booked off."