Numerous arrests made for dumping water on NYPD officers

Numerous arrests made for dumping water on NYPD officers

We could all use a little cooling off in this balmy, summer weather. But, even though police officers get just as hot as the rest of us, don't take it upon yourself to provide them, or anyone else for that matter, with relief from the heat.

New York reached 84 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday. And while many residents on summer break hit the pool or played in sprinklers, on-duty cops didn't have that opportunity.

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So, some people decided to take it upon themselves to assault the cops and cool them off. In a couple of videos, passersby can be seen throwing buckets of water on New York Police Department officers.

The first event occurred on a street in Brooklyn. A video shows an individual showering cops from behind with water. But the police continue walking, and look straight forward to try and diffuse the situation. The water continues flowing, soaking their uniforms straight through as they cross the street.

Watch footage of the water attacks below:

The second dousing happened in Harlem. While a cop talks to someone in a car (supposedly making an arrest), a man throws a red bucket at him, hitting him in the head. Others threw water at him from various directions as bystanders encouraged them.

NYPD Chief of Department, Terence Monahan, tweeted several times about the incidents, starting with a screenshot from the Harlem attack with the caption: "NYC’s cops & communities have made remarkable progress — together — but EVERY New Yorker MUST show respect for our cops. They deserve nothing less."

The Chief followed up with an update that the 28-year-old man cooling off the cops in Brooklyn had been arrested. He included the warning: "Actions like we’ve seen in videos recently will NEVER be tolerated in this city. YOU WILL BE ARRESTED."

Next, he announced that two individuals involved in the Harlem incident had been arrested. However, the investigation is ongoing as cops continue looking for others who were involved.

Bottom line: don't assault officers in uniform. Or out of uniform. Or anyone on the street for that matter. They'll cool off from the summer heat on their own terms, when they're good and ready.