Obama gets heckled at rally, but his response was absolutely perfect

Obama gets heckled at rally, but his response was absolutely perfect

The midterm elections are now only a few days away, and there's a huge push for people to actually get out there and vote.

Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, it's important to stay informed and have your opinion matter when it comes to how the country has run - and given the spectacularly poor voter turnout for the 2016 presidential election (46.9% of eligible voters)... it's worth giving people a reminder.

The upcoming midterms this year are getting far more attention - including from those not directly a part of the political process. Obama, who has spent a significant amount of his post-presidential life on the sidelines, has recently started speaking up for what he believes in once again.

On Friday, Obama made a speech at a midterm rally in Miami, Florida, in support of both senator Bill Nelson and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Gillum, the Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida since 2014 and Democratic nominee for governor of the state this year, has caused some waves lately during his debates:

Speaking in support of these candidates, Obama explored the current political climate, with reference to the supposed 'migrant caravan crisis' and Donald Trump's handling of it. Claiming that the current president is turning a low-risk issue into a political stunt, he said:

"Now in 2018, they're telling you the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. They're even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border. And the men and women of our military deserve better than that.

"So there's just constant fear-mongering to distract from the record. I know there are conservatives who are compassionate and must think there's nothing compassionate about ripping immigrant children from the arms of their mothers at the border."

Obama then went on to criticise the Republican party at large, and some of the Trump administration's campaign promises. "If Republicans thought their tax cut for billionaires was popular, they would be campaigning on it," he said. "You don't hear a peep out of them."

"This was their main act in Congress. They have not mentioned it in a single ad.

"In fact, right at election time, suddenly Republicans are saying they're going protect your pre-existing conditions when they literally have been doing the opposite."

Usually, rallies are met by solely cheers and applause, given that the venue is full of supporters - however, it seems that there were some critics of Obama who made their way into the rally, and took issue with his negative comments about Trump.

Their heckles were noticed by Obama, but they were soon drowned out by the positive response, and were promptly escorted from the premises by security.

Given the fact that he was standing in front of hundreds who were on his side, it would be easy to target the men for their jeers, but instead he took the high road and remained calm, simply asking them to not "curse in front of kids".

"Here's the deal: If you support the other candidates, then you should go support the other candidates.

"Don't be here. One of the things I never understood was why, if you're supporting the other guy, you come to my rally."

His response were compared by many to comments Donald Trump has made about hecklers and protesters at his own rallies, where he was much less polite - even claiming he'd cover the legal fees of anyone who attacked protesters.

Obama has got a point with his responses here- why turn up at someone else's rally to heckle them, when you can use that same passion to support the candidate you believe in?