Oklahoma mom issues warning to parents after finding 'creepy' note in son's school bag

Oklahoma mom issues warning to parents after finding 'creepy' note in son's school bag

A mother who hails from Oklahoma has issued a warning to parents on social media after finding a 'creepy' note in her son's school bag.

Per a recent report by NBC 15, the woman (who has chosen not to reveal her identity) discovered the note in the backpack of her young son on Friday, February 7.

The disturbing note seemed to be from a bus driver who had an inappropriate interest in her child.

A school bus. Credit: Pexels

The young boy allegedly had a "total meltdown" when he showed the note to his mother, which read: "I’m writing this note to you because as you know when school is out, there’s really no time to talk, just a quick hug. For some time I’ve been wanting to talk to you about spending time together with you and I ... and maybe with some other friends of yours? What do you think? [sic]"

The unnamed mom later said: "He wants to be chummy with my kid. He wants to do things that are unthinkable with my kid ... I don’t want it to escalate to where another child… nothing’s done until something’s done that is more irreversible than getting a note. I am very worried that he’s going to go to other school districts."

Another parent recently has complained, after a school worker sent their child home with this offensive note: 

After discovering the note, the woman informed the faculty at her son's school about the situation, and the bus driver in question was taken off the route. The police have also been notified, and according to NBC, they agreed that, while no crime had taken place, the message was inappropriate.