Over 750 historians call for Donald Trump to be impeached

Over 750 historians call for Donald Trump to be impeached

More than 750 historians have signed an open letter urging the House of Representatives to impeach President Donald Trump.

After the Democrat-led House unveiled two articles of impeachment against the Republican leader last week, a letter entitled 'Historians Statement On The Impeachment Of President Donald Trump' was uploaded to Medium, along with a long list of signatories, including Pulitzer Prize winners Ron Chernow, Jon Meacham, and Taylor Branch.

The open letter states: "President Trump’s lawless obstruction of the House of Representatives, which is rightly seeking documents and witness testimony in pursuit of its constitutionally-mandated oversight role, has demonstrated brazen contempt for representative government."

It continues: "So have his attempts to justify that obstruction on the grounds that the executive enjoys absolute immunity, a fictitious doctrine that, if tolerated, would turn the president into an elected monarch above the law."

It adds: "President Trump’s actions committed both before and during the House investigations fit [Alexander] Hamilton’s description and manifest utter and deliberate scorn for the rule of law and 'repeated injuries; to constitutional democracy. That disregard continues and it constitutes a clear and present danger to the Constitution. We therefore strongly urge the House of Representatives to impeach the President."

Recently, a number of world leaders were apparently caught gossiping about Trump at a NATO conference:

Articles of impeachment filed against Trump allege that the former Apprentice host solicited foreign interference to assist his campaign to win the 2020 US Presidential election, by pressuring the leader of Ukraine to announce an investigation into potential Democratic 2020 rival Joe Biden.

If found guilty, this will make Trump responsible for compromising national security, threatening the integrity of the upcoming election and concealing evidence from Congress and the American people - all violations of the oath of office Trump took during his inauguration.