People love this tender moment between George Bush and Michelle Obama at John McCain's funeral

People love this tender moment between George Bush and Michelle Obama at John McCain's funeral

It's rare to see funerals in the news so often, but there have been two major ones recently. John McCain, former Arizona state Senator and Republican nominee for President of the United States in the 2008 election, passed away on August 25. A mere week or so earlier, 'queen of soul' Aretha Franklin passed away.

Aretha Franklin's funeral was always going to be a big deal. After the legendary singer passed away on August 16, following a long battle with pancreatic cancer, a ceremony to celebrate her life was promptly organised, and all manner of famous faces turned up to the event.

Much of the talk on the internet about Franklin's funeral ended up focusing on Ariana Grande, who performed the song '(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman' in tribute of Franklin. The two had met several times, and Franklin had even suggested that a collaboration was on the cards, one that unfortunately never came to pass. Aside from the praise showered on the 25-year-old singer, there were some other distracting moments surrounding the performance. Many were outraged over the way she was touched by the pastor following the performance, and others pointed out that Bill Clinton's reaction in the background was a little... strange.

Over at McCain's funeral, there were also plenty of distinguished guests paying their respects - namely, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and George W. Bush.

After a diagnosis of brain cancer last year, McCain reduced his role in the Senate to focus on his treatment. On August 24, his family announced he would no longer be receiving treatment for his cancer. He died the following day with his wife and family beside him at his home in Arizona, at the age of 81.

In addition to a service held on August 30 at North Phoenix Baptist Church, many gathered to mourn McCain at the Washington National Cathedral on September 1.

Before his death, McCain left a lengthy final statement, which has now been made public, and requested that former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama deliver eulogies at his funeral. Donald Trump and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin were asked not to attend any of the services.

Once it came to the day, many were surprised by what looked to be an unexpected turn of events, as Michelle and George, seated next to one another, seemed to have a bit of a rapport going on.

Once this little clip spread across the internet, there were plenty of people coming forward to show their love for the pair:

However, not everybody was on board with this response. In fact, many found some people's outlook on Bush, portraying him as an adorable relic of the past, quite frustrating, given the events that unfolded during his presidency including the invasion of Iraq.

Either way, I know I'm just wondering what the heck they were passing between each other.

Alas, we may never know...