Pizza restaurant employee travels over 200 miles in order to surprise dying customer with his 'favorite' meal

Pizza restaurant employee travels over 200 miles in order to surprise dying customer with his 'favorite' meal

If you knew that you didn't have much time left on this Earth, what would you choose as your last meal? A home cooked roast, perhaps? Or maybe an indulgent feast of all the world's most expensive foods?

Well, how about your favorite pizza?

This week, an 18-year-old pizza restaurant employee made sure that one of his loyal customers was granted that wish, and made a 225-mile journey from Michigan to Indiana in order to do so.

Pizza Credit: Pixabay/Daria-Yakovleva

Dalton Shaffer, an employee at Steve's Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan, was working his shift earlier this week when he got a phone call. The person at the other end of the line, David Dalke, explained that his daughter and son-in-law, Julie and Rich Morgan, loved Steve's Pizza, and were hoping they could make the trip from Indianapolis to Battle Creek in order to enjoy one last slice. Unfortunately, Rich - who is suffering from terminal cancer - had become too ill to make the journey, and had been taken into a hospice.

"He said that his family was thinking about coming up and grabbing pizza," said Dalton. "But due to the circumstances, they weren't able to do that."

David only made the call to let the business know how much Rich appreciated their food, and hoped - at most - that they might send him a card as a token of goodwill.

But Dalton had other ideas.

dalton steve's pizza Credit: Fox News

Steve's Pizza doesn't actually deliver (and if it did, it's doubtful that they'd send a pizza to someone 225 miles away), but Dalton took it upon himself to cook up Rich's favourite pie and bring it to the family all by himself. So, he made a fresh pepperoni and mushroom pizza, got into his car, and drove more than seven hours through the night in order to surprise Rich and his family.

By the time he arrived, it was 2.30am.

"The family came out, gave me a hug," Dalton said, explaining that the family were incredibly grateful for his efforts. "It was cool. The expressions on their face and everything like that."

He continued: "Anybody that is watching this, keep them in mind and pray for them. I hope the best for them and I hope the Lord gives them comfort."

The family posted about Dalton's selflessness on Facebook, and described the meal as "the best pizza in the world."

Rich and Julie also offered to put the teenager up for the night, but he declined - he had to be back at Steve's Pizza for his shift that same day!

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Dalton's actions were obviously incredibly heartfelt and generous, and they just go to show that anybody can perform a life-changing deed - no matter how small it may seem to others.

Like Dalton, we hope that Rich and Julie find some comfort and joy in their last days together. And as for Dalton himself? We hope he has some good karma coming his way very soon.