Police body camera footage captures moment officers find 8-year-old kidnapped girl

Police body camera footage captures moment officers find 8-year-old kidnapped girl

A video captured on a police bodycam has emerged this week, which shows the moment cops found an eight-year-old kidnapped girl.

According to a report by NBC News, the incident occurred in a hotel room in Fort Worth, Texas. The video was recorded the day after May 18, 2019 - after a girl who been walking down 6th Avenue with her mother was snatched her off the street by a man driving a Ford Sedan. The girl's mother attempted to fight off the man but was thrown from the vehicle and left behind.

Check out the footage recorded at the scene below (be warned, some may find it distressing): 

Meanwhile, CBS DFW has named Michael Webb as the kidnapper. Webb was sentenced to life in federal prison after a jury found him guilty of kidnapping the girl .

A tip-off from a suspicious hotel clerk led the police to Webb's hideout, but police investigators from the Forest Hill Police Department were unable to find the girl during a hasty search of the room.

Later, local pastor Jeff King spotted Webb’s car in the WoodSprings parking lot and called the police again. They searched the hotel room yet again, and found the child sequestered away in a laundry basket.

Commenting on the case, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Erin Nealy Cox told NBC News: "They were very worried about her well-being and her physical well-being and whether or not she’s safe. When they find her, you hear how just emotional it is for everyone. They are just so happy and relieved that they have her."

The child has not been named by the police or by the media, due to the nature of the incident.