Police hunt Instagram couple who vandalised 8,000-year-old Native American site

Police hunt Instagram couple who vandalised 8,000-year-old Native American site

Police are currently hunting for a pair of Instagrammers who allegedly vandalised an ancient, 8000-year Native American site. The sacred ground, which is called the Council Overhang, is a waterfall in the middle of the woodland Starved Rock State Park in the state of Illinois.

A picture emerged this week of a couple, whose identities have not yet been determined, who vandalised the rock wall by etching a love heart containing their initials, seemingly for the sake of their influencer careers.

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Park Superintendent Kerry Novak told the Journal Star (via Newsweek) that the couple were reported for the act of vandalism by a bystander on September 2nd. Novak stated: "If you bring your family here, you want to see a beautiful natural area. You don't want to see this sort of thing."

In a later statement posted to Facebook, a spokesperson for the park wrote: "Art is beautiful, but it is not meant to be carved drawn, or painted on natural features at state and national parks."

They continued: "Don't be like John and Jane Doe pictured here who decided to paint on Council Overhang which is a 425 million-year-old sandstone formation at the park used for 8,000 years as a Native American gathering place."

They added: "One of our largest problems at the park are visitors who do not respect the parks trails, exhibits, buildings, interpretive panels on trails, and the natural sandstone features. Please help us keep our parks and natural areas clean."

According to the Illinois-based radio station WGLC-FM, the female suspect seen in the picture has been identified by investigators. However, local law enforcement is still attempting to match a positive ID to the man.

If you or anyone you know has any relevant information, please don't hesitate to call the state park on 1-815-667-4726, or contact the LaSalle County Sheriff's Office.