Police officer called to remove a homeless man from a restaurant buys him a meal instead

Police officer called to remove a homeless man from a restaurant buys him a meal instead

Take a walk through any busy part of a city centre the world over, and there's a good chance you'll come across a homeless person either huddled under a doorway, or out on the street asking for spare change. It's a sad part of modern life that through one misfortune or another, some people end up without a roof over their head, and when we can, we should try to do our best to help.

Of course, when homeless people show up in public places like restaurants, begging for money or food, it's in the eateries' best interests to move them on, lest they drive away business. But when a Hardee's in South Carolina called the police on one such homeless man, nobody could have envisioned the manner in which that encounter ended up being resolved.

Officer CJ Mullinax from Horry County Police Department was called to a Hardee's last Saturday, after someone called the cops on a homeless man that was reportedly "asking for scraps". Employees said they had been feeding the man for days prior to the 911 call, but employee Victoria Paige Summer said Mullinax "handled the situation perfectly".

In a now-viral post on Facebook complete with a 20-second video, Summer revealed how the cop not only treated the homeless man with dignity and respect, first asking the man if he was hungry, and then pointing to the menu with a grin.

"Police were called to our restaurant today because a homeless man was asking people for their scraps to eat. This police officer bought the homeless man food and handled the situation amazingly!" said Summer, and in the comments, people were equally delighted with Mullinax's kindness and generosity.

“He was begging for scraps, not money…God bless him for being willing to feed his fellow man!” said one Facebook user, while another made a good point about the role of police in modern society: “People forget that the police are there to not only protect but also to serve."

So popular did this particular post prove, one user even managed to identify the homeless man in the video - apparently, the homeless man featured in this story is a veteran by the name of Donald.

“He served in the Army from 1978-1981 then got out, worked in construction and then hit a wall which brought him to a point in his life that walked him down the road to homelessness…. his family doesn’t talk to him and he’s the nicest guy,” the local said, and let's hope that Mullinax's act of kindness can help this man to get back on his feet.

Even better, this apparently isn't the first time that Mullinax has used his badge to do his bit for humanity. Back in 2015, the cop went viral for taking the time out of his busy day to throw a football with some kids. "That's good ol Mullinax", said one commenter back. It appears that in an age where police brutality is seemingly rife, there are still plenty of cops out there who are willing to protect and serve in equal measure.