Popeyes' employee allegedly caught selling chicken sandwiches as side hustle

Popeyes' employee allegedly caught selling chicken sandwiches as side hustle

Following the reintroduction of Popeyes' chicken sandwich last weekend, several incidents have flared up across the United States.

And now TMZ has obtained a video from a Popeyes restaurant in Los Angeles in which the store's employees can be seen fighting behind the counter, one of whom appears to be armed with a frying pan.

In the dramatic clip, filmed by customers engrossed in the utter chaos, screaming can be heard, as someone yells, "You f**king hit me, b**ch!"

The fight allegedly broke out after it emerged that an employee at the restaurant was selling the popular chicken sandwich on the side.

This incident occurred less than a week after the fatal stabbing at a Popeyes restaurant in Maryland, an incident which a Popeyes spokesperson described as a "tragedy."

CBS Los Angeles report on the nationwide mayhem sparked by a chicken sandwich: 

"We are saddened to hear about this senseless act of violence," the spokesperson said in a press statement. "We, along with the franchisee, are fully cooperating with local authorities and actively working to gather more information."

There has been a disturbing trend of fights breaking out in various states after Popeyes restocked the chicken sandwich.

According to TMZ, a fight in another Maryland restaurant saw a customer getting violent towards employees behind the counter, before getting flour poured over his top.

The situation came to a head when a man waiting in line in Maryland died after getting caught up in a violent altercation.

Other incidents have seen cars being destroyed and the N-word being screamed.

TMZ reports that Popeyes will not be taking the chicken sandwich off its menu.