R. Kelly has been dropped by Sony Music

R. Kelly has been dropped by Sony Music

Per Variety, Sony Music has decided to dissolve its working relationship with R. Kelly.

According to a source, no public announcement of the decision is planned for the immediate future, but Kelly was removed from the RCA Records website - which lists the label's signed artists - around 10am on January 18th.

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According to the insider, Kelly's back catalog will remain with RCA/Sony.

His last release with the label was Christmas album in 2016. Since then, the 52-year-old has independently released several songs, and tweeted earlier this year that another album is on the way.

When contacted by Variety, representatives for RCA Records and its parent company, Sony Music, declined to comment.

Kelly's current advisor, Don Russell, told Rolling Stones that despite the allegations made against the musician, several record labels are still "very interested" in working with Kelly. "We understand RCA’s position: they have to remain transparent for the sake of the other artists that they represent and generate wealth for," he stated. "They’re not in the position of dealing with the kind of stuff that has come about with R. Kelly. He has no issue with RCA. I think he’s outgrown RCA. He’s ready for the next level of life, anyway."

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TV journalist, Jawn Murray, informed Variety that Kelly was informed of Sony's decision to part ways from him last Thursday.

The singer's response follows the premiere of US documentary, Surviving R Kelly, in which several women made sexual abuse allegations against the 52-year-old.

In July of 2017, an investigation for BuzzFeed News saw Kitti Jones and three other women speak out against Kelly. They accused the singer of "brainwashing" them into a "cult"-like setup, wherein he would forcibly have sex with them, as well as control how they dress, and when they could use the bathroom and their smartphones.

Kelly has previously denied all accusations of sexual impropriety and violence against women.

In 2008, the R&B star was found not guilty of child pornography charges after he was accused of photographing and filming sexual encounters with a 14-year-old girl.