Racist CVS manager calls cops on black woman using a coupon, and she filmed the whole thing

Racist CVS manager calls cops on black woman using a coupon, and she filmed the whole thing

If there's one thing that social media has taught us lately, it's that bigoted judgements and instances of racial profiling are still depressingly commonplace in the supposedly-woke United States. Case in point: the alarming number of minorities in the US who have had the cops called on them for no good reason by suspicious suburbanites. There was the time when a pharmacy manager called the police on a black woman who tried to use a coupon, or the woman who harassed a black teen selling candy, and the woman caught on video assaulting black teenager at pool.

Most of the time these incidents have been caught on camera, and the culprits shamed for their actions on social media. Now another video of a similar situation has arisen, which appears to show a manager of a CVS branch in Chicago dialling the cops to arrest a black woman who wanted to use a coupon.

The trouble started after Camilla Hudson attempted to use a coupon which CVS manager Morry Matson, and another employee who has not yet been named, thought was "fraudulent." Assuming wrongly that Hudson was attempting to steal from them, Matson promptly dialled the cops.

Hudson filmed the whole exchange and uploaded it to Facebook and Twitter, where it quickly went viral. Commenting on the uncomfortable confrontation, Hudson stated: "When I pulled out my phone to document what happened and exactly what he’d said to me (AND how he’d said it!) he turned his back and walked away from me. When I followed him and demanded that he answer my question, he ran to the back of the store and slammed a door in my face."

She added: "Of course, I had ZERO concerns about the police being called. Apparently, they’d hung up on him the first time he called, so he had to call them back a second time, telling the 911 dispatcher that I was harassing them (which I have on video). Three tactical unit officers arrived and, after some conversation and documenting their names, badge numbers, etc., I eventually left the store. [sic]"

It has since emerged that Matson, President of the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois, is also in the running for the post of 48th Alderman, and if elected he promises to "increase police presence. However it seems as though the video has incentivised many people to vote against him instead.

As a result of the footage, CVS has made an official apology on Twitter for Matson and the other employee's behaviour, stating: "We sincerely apologise to Ms. Hudson for her experience in one of our stores. The employees who were involved in the incident will not be working in the store pending the findings of our investigation ... CVS pharmacies does not tolerate any practices that discriminate against any customer and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment in our stores."

The apology will surely come as scant relief to the many black people affected by profiling today, and sadly, it is likely that we will see a similar instance of this type of behaviour again in the near future.