'Racist' woman calls 911 on city worker because he 'looks illegal' 

'Racist' woman calls 911 on city worker because he 'looks illegal' 

A 'racist' California woman has been caught on camera calling the police on a city worker because he "looks illegal".

Footage uploaded to social media shows a shocking altercation between the unidentified woman and a South California Edison contract worker at a Glendora Walmart on Monday.

Shared to Facebook by Karla V Aceituno, the video reportedly starts after the contract worker asked her if she could move her car so he could park his company vehicle.
Watch the shocking incident here:

When the passerby tells her she is being "super racist", she refuses to acknowledge her behaviour and tells him that she cannot be racist because her "dad is black".

"My dad is black, don't call me a racist, as*hole, My dad is f******g black," she shouts, before adding that her nephew is "Italian, Mexican and aloha".

Later, she even briefly turns on on the 911 worker, asking if they are from Africa.

After the video was posted, it received almost half a million views, more than 6,000 shares and 2,000 comments.

People were disgusted by the woman, with Karla V Aceituno, a friend of the contract worker's wife, stating "it's a sad sad world," and a Facebook user named Rosie Guzman naming her a "poster child for the racist pendeja olympics! #Goldwinnerinracism".

"I love how she gets soooo offended at being called a racist when she’s 'half black' but somehow thinks that her passing judgement of 'illegal status' solely on looks isn’t offensive," Ally Margain wrote. "The brain cells in her brain have immigrated out of the USA obviously." [sic]

Lee Neeley added: "Unfortunately, she is brain-deprived. She is just embarrassing America via her lack of intellect and respect toward others. What a shame. My apologies to the person she's ranting about. Whatever happened to civility?" [sic]