Sarah Palin reveals her 'bizarre' symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19

Sarah Palin reveals her 'bizarre' symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19

Sarah Palin has opened up about some of her "bizarre" COVID-19 symptoms.

The politician explained that she is currently suffering loss of taste and loss of smell, warning that the virus can "really knock you down".

According to People magazine, the 57-year-old former governor of Alaska appealed to the public to be vigilant and cautious when it came to the virus, which she revealed she had recently tested positive for.

She added that her father Chuck Heath had recently been through his second dose of vaccinations.

Sarah Palin. Credit: Alamy

In a statement to the publication, Palin claimed that her daughter was the first person to come down with the disease and went through quarantine in an attempt to contain the viral spread.

She also stated that her son Trig, who has Down syndrome, also tested positive for COVID-19 and was prescribed azithromycin by a doctor to help cope with the symptoms

Palin said: "I strongly encourage everyone to use common sense to avoid spreading this and every other virus out there.

"There are more viruses than there are stars in the sky, meaning we'll never avoid every source of illness or danger."

She added: "But please be vigilant, don't be frightened, and I advise reprioritizing some personal time and resources to ensure as healthy a lifestyle as you can create so when viruses do hit, you have at least some armor to fight it."

Palin also endorsed the wearing of a mask or face-covering when indoors, alluding to her appearance on the Fox reality TV series The Masked Singer last year.

NBC reports that she stated that, after testing positive, she developed a slight fever and sore muscles, along with losing her sense of taste and smell.

According to the latest monthly poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 61% of adults in the United States have either received their first dose or are eager for one, up from 47% of Americans back in January.

In a speech made on Monday, March 29, President Joe Biden pledged that 90% of US adults will be eligible for a Covid-19 shot by 19 April.

Per The Guardian, Biden stated: "We’re going to send more aid to states to expand the opening of more community vaccination sites, more vaccines, more sites, more vaccinators, all designed to speed our critical work."

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