Scary CCTV footage shows man smash woman's windscreen after she rejected him

Scary CCTV footage shows man smash woman's windscreen after she rejected him

Women are often put into difficult situations by men, even if it starts off with a 'nice' attitude. While there are plenty of men out there that make women feel uncomfortable (or worse) when they don't reciprocate, there are some out there that tend to blame the victim for any harassment or assault, and sometimes even ask, 'why don't you just say no?'

Aside from the obvious awkwardness of that situation, there are plenty of reasons not to - as evidenced by this recent incident in Tennessee. Bailey Cantrell was at a gas station in Nashville when she was approached by a stranger, who repeatedly asked her for her phone number. Once she rejected him, things took a shocking turn.

“I was waiting outside, and this man approached me and was asking for my phone number and was calling me all these names,” Bailey told WTVF-TV. “After I declined, still a little bit mad, then the second I declined the third time and said ‘I’m gay, I’m just not interested,’ that’s when it triggered him and he got very aggressive.”

That's when the man took to jumping on her car, smashing the windscreen in with his foot. The incident was caught on CCTV, which you can watch in the video below:

Cantrell explained that she got out of the car to call 911, as she could see through the windshield to drive, and had glass in her eyes from his initial attack. Thankfully, his second assault was prevented when passersby joined the scene, but he still managed to escape.

“Since he did this and got away with it, he had no repercussions,” she said. “He’s going to think, ‘If a girl rejects me, I can do this to her. I didn’t get caught last time.'”

The suspect is still at large, and the investigation is ongoing.