School nurse allegedly performed oral sex on several students

School nurse allegedly performed oral sex on several students

A school nurse in Maryland has been arrested and charged after being accused of performing oral sex on several high school students.

Samantha Marsh, a 33-year-old school nurse at Crisfield High School & Academy, has allegedly admitted to engaging in sexual activity with at least three students. She is now facing 10 counts of fourth-degree sex offence, four counts of perverted practice, four counts of contributing to the condition of a child and one count of attempted fourth-degree sex offence.

Maryland State Police arrested Marsh on Tuesday at the Princess Anne Barrack, and she is being held without bail at the Somerset County Detention Center.

Law enforcement have stated that the alleged sex offenses took place between March 2018 and January 2019. All of Marsh's victims are believed to be students at Crisfield High School & Academy, though none of the criminal activity took place on school grounds. It is reported that Marsh would pick her victims up in her van and drive them to other locations to commit the crimes.

Credit: Maryland State Police

Marsh had been placed on administrative leave prior to the arrest, according to police. Court documents state that the first victim, a 17-year-old student, did not reveal any sexual activity with Marsh, but that he named three other 17-year-old victims who had sexual contact with her. However, in a follow-up interview, the first victim claimed that Marsh had sent them all a Snapchat message asking them to come to her home. The victim went on to say that the pair had met in a van in the driveway and that sexual contact had taken place. Marsh reportedly told the victim not to tell anyone.

The second victim also initially denied any sexual contact with the school nurse, but investigators were later contacted by the victim's mother, who reported that the victim had told her something sexual did, in fact, occur and that they were ready to talk about it.

Police later learned that Marsh contacted the second victim on Snapchat and arranged to pick him up in her van, parking along a road in Crisfield and engaging in sexual activity. She told the victim that she did not want to be caught. The second victim also told police that Marsh attempted to contact him a second time, telling him that her husband was out of town and that she wanted to meet again. This meeting reportedly never took place.

Marsh's third victim told police that the pair had sexual contact no more than five times. The victim would reportedly meet Marsh at a McDonald's, who would then drive the pair to a back road where the incidents allegedly took place. These incidents took place between September 2018 and January 2019. Marsh communicated with her fourth victim via Instagram, meeting him in October at a Crisfield Dollar General. She allegedly invited the victim to her van so they could engage in sexual activity, driving them to an undisclosed location.

Since her arrest, Marsh has denied engaging in sexual activity with the first victim but has confessed to sexual contact with the other three.