Selena Gomez breaks social media silence after Justin Bieber's unexpected engagement

Selena Gomez breaks social media silence after Justin Bieber's unexpected engagement

Celebrity exes always seem to get the rough end of the deal. No matter how completely and utterly over their former lover they are, they are almost always presented in the press in the same way: Sad, pathetic and brokenhearted. Case in point: almost every article written about Jennifer Aniston after her break up with Brad Pitt.

However, when Justin Bieber recently got engaged to Hailey Baldwin, the singer's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez wasn't having any of it. Spotted chilling out (and looking gorgeous) on a luxury boat when the news broke, the Back To You songstress practically defined the phrase "not bothered".

And it looks like absolutely nothing at all has changed in the Gomez camp in the week since the announcement. After seven days of absence on social media, Selena finally broke her silence and took to Instagram to post an incredible picture of herself.

The star struck a pose in a paid post for Puma, wearing black Puma leggings and a Puma sports crop top. Putting one hand up around her head and her other on her hip, she looked fantastic - a far cry from the sad, defeated ex she is likely supposed to be.

But it's not just her social media post that makes it clear that she's over Justin, who she dated on and off between the years of 2010 and 2018. Reportedly, a 'source' revealed to E! that Selena has completely moved on and doesn't care about Justin's upcoming marriage.

"Selena was surprised to hear the news, like most people. It caught her off guard and wasn't what she was expecting," the source allegedly said. In addition, another source apparently came forward to claim: "She has completely moved on and is putting their relationship in the past."

The insider has stated that Selena is "totally over him" this time around and has claimed that she realised the "last time" they broke up that there was no future for them together. Furthermore, the unnamed source has allegedly even said that the singer would not mind if Justin got hitched to Hailey in 2018: "At this point, she's just trying to focus on her own life and her own happiness. She's not going to get caught up in what he's doing," they said.

Another clue that the Same Old Love songstress is done with the whole thing? Shortly after the engagement, Selena stepped out in public for the first time sporting new extensions and a shirt with a bold message. It read "Only the strong survive," leading her fans to believe that she was insinuating that she had fought through any heartbreak that had befallen her like a true warrior.

If she did ever feel any sadness about her ex-boyfriend's new relationship, she can always rely on her fans to make her feel better. The #SelenaIsFreeParty hashtag was trending on Twitter all of last weekend, with one fan writing, "SHE. DON’T. NEED. A. MAN," while another added, "She deserves all the love, respect and happiness."

We're happy to hear that Selena is doing great - go Team Gomez!